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Article: A night in with Becker Minty

A night in with Becker Minty

In a union of creativity and refinement, Art Haus Collections proudly collaborated with the establishment that is Becker Minty to present an exclusive pre-release VIP Capsule Collection event. The soirée, held on a balmy for the middle of winter, Saturday afternoon at Becker Minty in Potts Point.
The event was graced by the unveiling of the 'Eayila' Capsule Collection, a curated selection of 25 unique pieces sourced from all corners of the world, this collection was a testament to Art Haus' commitment to offering singular jewellery creations that transcend fleeting trends and capture the essence of timeless allure.
From vintage treasures to contemporary works of art, the 'Eayila' Collection beautifully melded influences from fine art, fashion, architecture, and pop culture. This creative fusion resulted in a symphony of design elements that encapsulated a harmonious blend of beauty, design, and edginess.
The look books pictured included the Campaign stills captured by Art Haus founder, Natalie Cottee wearing Ginger & Smart and featuring the stunning Helena Vestergaard and Cynthia Taylu.
The choice of Becker Minty as the venue for this exclusive event was a stroke of genius. With its reputation for curating treasures of impeccable taste, Becker Minty's Potts Point location provided the perfect backdrop for the unveiling of the 'Eayila' Capsule Collection. The collaboration between Art Haus Collections and Becker Minty resonated as a harmonious convergence of two creative forces, unified in their pursuit of beauty and artistry.
The 'Eayila' Capsule Collection, with its delicate designs adorned with rare gemstones and bold statement pieces exuding timeless grandeur, was a narrative of distant lands, ancient traditions, and the enticing elegance and dance of the past. Each piece tells a unique story, weaving together tales of cultures, journeys, and the enduring allure of jewellery as a form of wearable art.
The collaboration between Art Haus Collections and Becker Minty yielded a collection that transcends time, embracing the essence of elegance and the legacy of artistry.
Event Photography Sage Hammond