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Amalfi Choker


‘La Perle’ Freshwater Pearl Sterling Silver & Gold Plate Necklace 

The "Amalfi Choker" – a vintage masterpiece of 'La Perle' in New Zealand. This exquisite necklace, forged from pure Silver and gilded with Gold Plate, unfurls a design akin to organic petals, each tenderly cradling a solitary freshwater pearl. It's a symphony of sizes, a visual dance that captures the essence of the untamed.

Much like a summer fling on the Amalfi Coast, this statement piece oozes European vibes, marrying elegance with an air of the carefree. It's as if the very spirit of sun-soaked days and Mediterranean breezes has been locked within the curves of this choker, ready to be worn like a treasure trove of memories.

The "Amalfi Choker" transcends the realm of adornment; it's a wearable narrative, an ode to the untamed spirit and the craftsmanship of 'La Perle.' The pearls, much like the treasures of the sea, drape the wearer in whispers of elegance, making it the ideal accomplice for those seeking to embody the radiant energy of the Amalfi Coast. More than just jewellery, it's a passport to moments of carefree grandeur – an embodiment of the escapades we live for and the exquisite memories we collect along the way.

Sale price$3,655.00
Amalfi Choker
Amalfi Choker Sale price$3,655.00