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Cannes Necklace


18ct Yellow Gold Clasp Hand Assembled South Sea Pearl Necklace

Presenting the dazzling "Cannes Necklace," an 18ct yellow gold clasped pearl masterpiece. Gently named after the illustrious location in France, the "Cannes Necklace" evokes the allure of the Cannes Film Festival's stars gracing the red carpet donning this exquisite piece.

With a string of 35 South Sea cultured pearls, each 12.00-14.50mm, a near-round symphony of white and blue tones. The lustre is good to excellent, with just the slightest hint of a grain, adding character to their shine. This isn't just a necklace; it's a testament to the ocean's finest treasures, a cascade of elegance that stretches approximately 50cm long.

Let the "Cannes Necklace" be your muse for opulence; it's more than jewellery – it’s a tangible experience that drapes your neck and draws gasps from the crowd. It's a piece that carries the spirit of the French Riviera, the shimmer of the sea, and the allure of the silver screen, all in one magnificent symphony of opulence. Wear it with the gold clasp centring as a feature or spin it to the back and keep it classic.

Embrace the feeling of luxury against your skin, and let this necklace be your emblem of timeless beauty and femininity.

Sale price$9,600.00
Cannes Necklace
Cannes Necklace Sale price$9,600.00