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Aura Chains


Italian Made 9ct Yellow Gold Rope Chain Necklaces* 

Revealing our "Aura Chains" – 9ct yellow gold rope chain necklaces that transcend time itself. A delicate but tenacious rope of gold that drapes like liquid gold down your neckline and décolletage, caressing your skin with a gentleness that only a lover could muster. These "Aura Chains" possess an otherworldly quality, as if they're spun from moonbeams and stardust.

Wear them solo, let them shimmer in solitary splendour, a reflection of your unique radiance. But ah, don't stop there, for these chains are versatile creatures. Invite a pendant to the affair, and you've unveiled a partnership as harmonious as moonlight on water – a celestial connection that exudes a mystique all its own.

*Two available; are sold per piece. 

Sale price$860.00