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Anina Ring


1960's 9ct Yellow Gold Organic Sculptural Ring By Niina Ots

Allow me to unveil this 1960’s creation  "Anina Ring," crafted from 9ct yellow gold and created by the renowned jeweller Niina Ots herself.

With a size of L or 17.3mm and weighing 7.51g, the "Anina Ring" wraps around your finger like a whisper of history. Its distinct feature is a wide tapered organic pattern, resembling lattice boxes, creating an intricate dance between geometry and nature.

Niina Ots, a brilliant Estonian-Australian jeweller, was a visionary ahead of her time. Born in Russia in 1909, she honed her craft at the State School of Art in Tallinn, Estonia. In 1947, she ventured to Australia, igniting her odyssey of shaping metal into artistry. Under the banner of "Anina," which graces this very ring, her legacy was etched.

Her evolution as an artist was awe-inspiring. A former apprentice once noted that Niina was on the brink of a new era, simplifying the intricate lattice flowers and fan motifs, synonymous with filigree work. She introduced a fresh style, incorporating delicate spheres and leaves, fusing tradition with innovation, often adorning gracefully curved sheet forms. Her approach, ahead of its time, injected a sense of modernity and novelty into the 1960s landscape.

Sale price$2,240.00
Anina Ring
Anina Ring Sale price$2,240.00