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Call Me Princess Ring


14ct Yellow Gold Diamond Tiara Ring

Introducing the "Call Me Princess Ring" – here to grace your finger with elegance and sparkles. Sized at a beguiling 19mm - S 1/4 and boasting a substantial weight of 3.54g, this ring is a masterclass in impressive aesthetics.

With twenty-two dazzling round brilliant cut diamonds, each estimated at 0.85ct, arranged gracefully in groups of three along a knife-edged tapered shank. Their brilliance is a symphony of G/Si clarity and colour, a mesmerising play of light and radiance.

Slip this treasure onto your finger, and the tiara-inspired design lends an air of enchantment, while the diamonds themselves transform your hand into a canvas of scintillation. The "Call Me Princess Ring" doesn't just catch the light; it holds it, dances with it, and reflects it in every direction.

As you admire the intricate arrangement, you're drawn into a celestial constellation of glimmers. This ring is a testament to the timeless allure of diamonds, to their ability to encapsulate elegance and sophistication.

But beyond the sparkle, beyond the aesthetics, this ring is a declaration of your refinement and taste. It whispers of a world where every movement is accompanied by a flash of light, where elegance is a constant companion. The "Call Me Princess Ring" isn't just jewellery; it's an embodiment of your grace, a reflection of your captivating presence. So go ahead, let it adorn your finger and revel in the elegance and sparkle it brings to your world.

Sale price$4,680.00