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Crescent Earrings


9ct Yellow Gold Tapered Crescent Earrings

Listen up, cats and kittens, because we're diving headfirst into the cosmic abyss with the illuminating "Crescent Earrings" – a pair of 9ct Yellow Gold Tapered Earrings that'll have you riding the waves of elegance and mystique. Weighing 1.87g, these bad boys are all about capturing that smooth, seductive curve of a crescent moon. You've got to hand it to the craftsmen – they've managed to lock in that moonlit magic within these modest curves, and every twist and turn makes it glint like a hidden secret.

Sporting the "Crescent Earrings" isn't just about accessorising; it's about strutting your stuff with a dash of celestial allure. These earrings aren't your typical trinkets; they're a salute to the kind of elegance that needs no fanfare. With each swing, they whisper stories of quiet charm, elevating your style game to a plane that's as cool as the dark side of the moon. These earrings are the embodiment of understated cosmic vibes, a little nod to the universe in your everyday swagger.

Crafted with a precision that could only come from hands that know their way around gold, these earrings are textured matte gold in the center, with a polished gold frame tracing the line of the crescent.

Sale price$890.00
Crescent Earrings
Crescent Earrings Sale price$890.00