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Dazed & Confused Ring


9ct Yellow & White Gold, Diamond Lattice Ring

Ladies and gentlemen, prepare to venture into the mind-bending universe of the "Dazed & Confused Ring" – a 9ct yellow and white gold masterpiece that's got a weighty swagger of 5.03 grams and a size Q (18.5mm) that can easily be tailored to your desired fit, making it an alluring addition to your collection.

Behold the entrance to a realm where time bends and styles collide, where the "Dazed & Confused Ring" emerges like a hypnotic portal to the Art Deco days. It's like that secret handshake you share with history, a whirlwind of monogram magic and scalloped diamonds playing ring-around-the-rosy in perfect harmony. These diamonds, like stars in a cosmic dance, form an intricate lattice that wraps around your finger with a dazzling embrace.

Don't just wear a ring – wear a conversation starter, a confidant of intrigue, a muse for a mesmerising story. The band, bold and brazen, weaves a tale of opulence and boldness, leaving no room for subtlety. So, whether you're riding the wave of nostalgia or riding the crest of a new era, the "Dazed & Confused Ring" is your ticket to a realm where style reigns supreme and convention is just a faint memory.

Sale price$1,870.00
Dazed & Confused Ring
Dazed & Confused Ring Sale price$1,870.00