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Euphoria Cross Pendant


9ct Yellow Gold Cross Pendant

Introducing the "Euphoria Cross Pendant" – a masterpiece of 9ct yellow gold filigree artistry that transcends mere jewellery to become a statement of your unique style. With a rich history rooted in Orthodox origins, this pendant carries the weight of tradition while embracing contemporary allure.

Duality becomes your signature with this pendant's subtle double-sided design – an exquisite fusion of ornate patterns that invite intrigue from every angle. Whether suspended from a necklace or making an entrance as a single earring pendant, the "Euphoria Cross Pendant" declares that you're not just accessorising; you're making a mark.

As you explore its intricate details, a central window unveils a glimpse into the heart of craftsmanship. The interplay of light and shadow adds a mesmerising dimension, captivating attention with every glance.

The "Euphoria Cross Pendant" isn't confined to tradition; it redefines it. Measuring a substantial 55mm x 32mm and weighing 4.43g, it's an embodiment of individuality that doesn't follow trends – it sets them.

Sale price$1,260.00
Euphoria Cross Pendant
Euphoria Cross Pendant Sale price$1,260.00