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Graceland Ring


14ct Yellow Gold, Sapphire & Diamond Ring

Meet the regal "Graceland Ring" – a 14ct Yellow Gold creation featuring five marquise-cut royal blue sapphires, like azure eyes that gaze with captivating allure. Studded along the band, they form a procession of almond-shaped gems, each a testament to the exquisite craftsmanship that's gone into this creation.

But they're not alone; 58 round brilliant cut diamonds frame them, a crown of sparkle that befits a princess or a queen. The ring size M 1/2, a perfect fit, a snug embrace that mirrors the sensation of wearing a crown.

Whether you're gracing a soirée or simply delighting in the moments that make life extraordinary, let the "Graceland Ring" be your companion.

Sale price$5,890.00
Graceland Ring
Graceland Ring Sale price$5,890.00