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Hello Darling Cuff


14ct Solid Yellow Gold, 1950's Belt Buckle Bracelet Watch

Prepare to be swept away on a journey of unadulterated opulence and vintage glamour with the incredible "Hello Darling Cuff" – a mesh belt buckle bracelet from the 1950s, meticulously crafted from the finest 14ct solid yellow gold. But hold on – there's an secret. Nestled within its ornate design lies a hidden treasure: a spring-loaded dial cover that reveals a watch face. This isn't just a bracelet; it's a timepiece and a statement of sophistication.

Imagine the sensation of pure luxury as you slide this heavyweight masterpiece onto your wrist. With a remarkable heft of 85 grams, it embodies the very essence of grandeur – an embodiment of extravagance that rests against your skin.

Behold, the pièce de résistance: the exquisite ‘Lexon’ watch face, a window into the past that encapsulates the epitome of sophistication. A fringe of golden tassels moves with you.

For those who seek the pinnacle of extravagance, the "Hello Darling Cuff" beckons. Grasp the weight of history, the allure of vintage chic, and the intoxicating sensation of sumptuous gold against your skin. Adorn yourself with an accessory that not only adorns your wrist but also encapsulates a chapter of elegance from days gone by.

Sale price$16,750.00
Hello Darling Cuff
Hello Darling Cuff Sale price$16,750.00