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High At The Beach Pendant


18ct Yellow Gold Beetle Pendant

Presenting the “High At The Beach Pendant." This bad boy is forged from 18ct yellow gold, and in its hearts centre, you've got a single faceted navette cut blue stone, cradled securely in a claw setting. This stone isn’t just any; it's a blue so crystal, it could be mistaken for the clearest waters or the smoothest glass.

This pendant struts a length of 30mm, not counting the bail, and it weighs in at a hefty 5.22g. You can go classy, suspend it on a chain, and ooze that elegant vibe. But, hang on to your hats, because that's not where the story ends. Our founder's got a style that's etched in the cosmos, and has turned this pendant into a one-earring revolution. Yup, slap this baby on, and you've got a statement that'll turn heads faster than a passing comet.

This pendant isn't just versatile; it's a visual uppercut that lands square in your style game. So, if you're ready to dance with the extraordinary, to court the surreal, and to wrap your aura in a shimmer of sculptural artistry, then the "High At The Beach Pendant" is your golden ticket. Dive into the magic, my friends, and embrace the marvel that is this true work of wearable art.

Sale price$2,120.00
High At The Beach Pendant
High At The Beach Pendant Sale price$2,120.00