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I Found You Earrings


18ct White Gold Hand Assembled Diamond & Ruby Earrings

Ladies and gentlemen, introducing a spectacle that's not for the faint of heart - the "I Found You Earrings," a pair of 18ct white gold wonders that'll make you question everything you thought you knew about jewellery.

Seventy-six round brilliant diamonds, each a tiny universe of its own, blazing in a symphony of F/G Colour & VS Clarity. These diamonds aren't just stones; they're the embodiment of extravagance, demanding the spotlight with every flicker.

Now enter twenty-four princess cut AA grade rubies, like drops of blood-red passion strewn into the mix. These are not mere gems; they're the heartbeat of these earrings, a primal force that'll set your senses on fire while measuring a impressive 20mm x 7mm and weighing 8.59g.

As you gaze upon the "I Found You Earrings," you'll feel the echoes of wild nights and electric encounters. They're more than just accessories; they're a declaration of intent, an audacious claim on the world's attention.

Picture yourself wearing them, and suddenly, you're not just you anymore. You're an enigma, a conundrum, a force of nature that defies categorisation. You're entering a realm where jewellery isn't just adornment; it's a statement of power, a voice of individuality. 

Sale price$5,320.00
I Found You Earrings
I Found You Earrings Sale price$5,320.00