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Indian Summer Ring


14ct Yellow Gold & Fancy Yellow Diamond Ring

Enter the realm of everlasting warmth and beauty with the "Indian Summer Ring" – a 14ct yellow gold masterpiece that captures the essence of a golden season. At its heart lies a princess-cut fancy yellow diamond, a radiant gem that holds the very spirit of the sun. This 0.54ct marvel, embraced by a delicate 4-claw setting, exudes a warmth that's as irresistible as the allure of an Indian summer.

Surrounding this luminous centrepiece, an artful dance of 34 round brilliant cut diamonds comes to life. With a total diamond weight of 0.30ct, these gems offer a tantalising play of light, their J-L color a reminder of the golden rays that bathe the world in a late afternoon glow. Bead and bezel set, they're like glistening droplets, adding texture and depth to the ring's intricate tapestry.

Size L 1/2 or 16.5, the "Indian Summer Ring" is a versatile companion that can be tailored to your fit, with the option to go up or down 1-2 sizes. The ring's design itself is a testament to intricate artistry – delicate waves of gold weave a frame that cradles the central diamond, a homage to the undulating tides of time.

This isn't just a ring; it's an embodiment of dreams, a promise of something entirely unique and special. For those seeking an engagement ring that defies convention, that embraces the spirit of individuality, the "Indian Summer Ring" beckons. It's a testament to the power of design, the allure of yellow diamonds, and the magic of a moment suspended in eternal warmth.

Sale price$10,780.00
Indian Summer Ring
Indian Summer Ring Sale price$10,780.00