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Kiss The Girl Pendant


14ct Yellow Gold Shell Pendant

Introducing the "Kiss The Girl Pendant" – a 14ct yellow gold sculpted wonder that exudes the essence of oceanic elegance. Like a chapter from a fashion fairy tale, this pendant is a whimsical tribute to the beauty of the sea.

Measuring a dainty yet captivating 21 x 12mm and boasting a substantial weight of 3.59g, this pendant is your personal connection to the world's most mysterious depths. It's not just a piece of jewellery; it's a portal to the ocean's secrets and stories.

Every curve, every line of this pendant is a brushstroke of artistry, as the sunlight dances on the pendant's golden surface, you're reminded of the allure that lies beneath the waves.

Sale price$1,680.00
Kiss The Girl Pendant
Kiss The Girl Pendant Sale price$1,680.00