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Lucilla Ring


18ct Yellow Gold Diamond & Emerald Medallion Ring

Greetings, connoisseurs of the exceptional and admirers of the timeless. Allow me to present to you the “Lucilla Ring”, a piece of artistry that seamlessly marries history and elegance in an exquisite dance of form and substance.

Derived from the illustrious character Lucilla in the cinematic masterpiece Gladiator, this 18-carat yellow gold diamond & emerald medallion ring stands as a tribute to both its cinematic namesake and the grandeur of ancient aesthetics. The meticulous arrangement of 13 round brilliant cut natural-minded diamonds, estimated at 0.65 carats is balanced with 13 natural emeralds, with an estimated aggregate weight of 0.50 carats.

These precious stones have been meticulously channel-set, orbiting a Mexican/Roman gold coin with a diameter of approximately 14mm totalling a diameter of 20mm. Weighing a solid 10.82g, the coin, adorned with a Mexican Coin Snake motif, bears the inscription 'imp maximus avg nob caes medallion' in the ancient Roman tongue, bestowing an air of mystique and historical significance upon its wearer.

What distinguishes this piece beyond its material composition is its rarity. It stands as an unparalleled discovery, a testament to craftsmanship and antiquity, virtually unseen in its entirety.

Sale price$7,880.00
Lucilla Ring
Lucilla Ring Sale price$7,880.00