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Meet Me In Marrakech Ring


14ct Yellow Gold, Emerald & Diamond Halo Ring

The "Meet Me In Marrakech Ring," a poetic masterpiece of 14ct yellow gold that weaves the tale of a love affair with the vibrant souks and enchanting medinas of Marrakech. This ring is more than a jewel; it's a whispered promise of rendezvous amidst the kaleidoscope of colours and the intoxicating scents of Moroccan nights.

Fashioned with the finesse of a dreamer, at its heart lies an emerald cut emerald, a verdant gem embraced in double four-claw setting, it holds the essence of exploration and adventure, a treasure waiting to be uncovered.

A halo of 70 round brilliant cut diamonds encircles this emerald, their sparkle akin to the stars that illuminate Marrakech's skies, meticulously bead-set, forming a constellation of light.

Weighing 6.67g and a O - 17.5mm able to be sized up or down 1-2 sizes, the "Meet Me In Marrakech Ring" is a homage to the city's enigmatic allure. Its white gold and rhodium-plated design creates a symphony of tones, much like the harmonious chaos of Marrakech's streets. As you slide this ring onto your finger, you'll feel the magic of the city coursing through your veins, the echoes of ancient tales, and the romance that lingers in every corner.

Sale price$12,685.00
Meet Me In Marrakech Ring
Meet Me In Marrakech Ring Sale price$12,685.00