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Mies Van Ring


18ct White Gold Mid-Century Emerald & Diamond Ring

Step into the golden era of mid-century modern luxury with the exquisite "Mies Van Ring," an incredible Emerald & Diamond Ring meticulously crafted in 18ct White Gold. This ring encapsulates the essence of design and style that defined the mid-20th century, featuring a stunning cluster of oval and baguette-cut emeralds thoughtfully arranged to take center stage. Against a backdrop of inset diamonds, it forms a mesmerizing tableau of contrasting shapes and radiant beauty.

The "Mies Van Ring" pays tribute to the iconic German-American architect and furniture designer Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, who deeply resonated with the era's design essence. Beyond being a piece of jewellery, this unique ring represents the convergence of artistic vision and architectural elegance. Its geometric intricacies and the interplay between emerald and diamond elements reflect the very principles that Mies van der Rohe infused into his creations.

Sale price$16,750.00
Mies Van Ring
Mies Van Ring Sale price$16,750.00