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Paris Ring


Vintage 9ct Yellow Gold & Diamond Cluster Ring 

Step into a realm of vintage allure with the "Paris Ring" – a nostalgic 9ct yellow gold treasure that captures the essence of old-world elegance. This isn't merely a ring; it's a portal to an era when beauty and craftsmanship danced hand in hand.

Picture a bouquet of flowers, or perhaps a solitary bloom, delicately cradled in a setting that's as intricate as a lover's promise. Eight mixed-cut diamonds, a mesmerising ensemble of 0.80ct, embrace each other in a cluster that exudes romance. The L-M color and Si1-Si2 clarity of these diamonds tell tales of journeys they've witnessed, stories hidden in their depths.

The half-round tapered shank, a testament to classic design, frames this cluster of history, allowing it to shine against the backdrop of your finger. Sized at N - 17mm and weighing 4g can be tailored to fit either up or down 1-2 sizes. The setting, elevated like aspirations, embraces intricate details that channel the essence of vintage charm. 

Sale price$3,220.00
Paris Ring
Paris Ring Sale price$3,220.00