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Sandoval Ring


18ct Yellow Gold & Ruby Snake Coil Ring

Enter the "Sandoval Ring" –  an 18ct yellow gold snake coil ring adorned with a single, precious pink ruby, named as a tribute to the ethereal presence of Hope Sandoval, aka Mazzy Star.

Sized at I or 15mm, this ring channels an era of timeless style – the 1980s to 1990s – yet its roots delve even deeper. Harkening back to the Victorian Era, it pays homage to a symbol of eternal devotion – the snake ring. A token of Queen Victoria's enduring love, gifted to her by Prince Albert as an engagement ring, it echoes with the resonance of history.

The serpent, with an organic wave shape at its tail's end and a meticulously textured head, wraps around your finger in a dance of three graceful coils, a design that can comfortably be resized up or down 1-2 sizes.  A bridge between eras, the "Sandoval Ring” is a homage to music's enchanting spell, and a testament to timeless love.

Sale price$1,640.00