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Sapphire Dreams Pendant


22ct Yellow Gold & Blue Sapphire Protection Medallion

The “Sapphire Dreams Pendant," a glimmering creation of 22ct yellow gold and blue sapphire, a mystic talisman that dances on the precipice of reality and imagination.

The front side of this lightweight coin / medallion features the Buddhist Panchayudha Jataka meaning - Five Kinds of Weapons;

  1. Conch
  2. Sword
  3. Mace
  4. Pointed wheel
  5. Bow & Arrows

The traditional belief is that a person wearing The Panchayudha will be protected from enemies and will gain bravery to counter evil.

Saint George emerges on the other side, locked in a timeless battle with a dragon. According to legend, St George was a Roman warrior born in the tumultuous third century AD. His steadfast refusal to forsake his faith condemned him to the clutches of death at the hands of the indomitable Roman Emperor Diocletian. St George symbolised the victory of good over evil making him a legend of colossal stature amidst the tapestry of history.

Now allow your gaze to move to the single sapphire, a deep blue dream encapsulated in a golden frame, hanging like a fragment of the night sky.

Delicately sized at 18mm in diameter and weighing 1.70g, its high gold content makes it pliable and soft, a tangible link to a world where gold holds both substance and significance. Adorn yourself with the "Sapphire Dreams Pendant" and carry a piece of legend, myth, and artistry wherever you go.

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