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Soho Bracelet


18ct White Gold, Hand Assembled Diamond Tennis Bracelet

Prepare to immerse yourself in the realm of excess and grandeur with the one and only "Soho Bracelet" – a dazzling 18ct white gold, hand assembled diamond tennis bracelet that defies convention and thrusts you into a world of unapologetic opulence. Featuring an array of 29 meticulously curated round brilliant cut diamonds, each boasting a robust 0.30 carats, this isn't just a bracelet; it's a statement that resonates with unabashed extravagance.

Crafted with the kind of care that only true artisans possess, these diamonds, showcasing F/G colour and S1 clarity, create an intoxicating dance of light, making lesser trinkets cower in their presence. It's as if the very essence of luxury has been distilled into each facet.

This isn't just a bracelet; it's a bold declaration of distinction and power. As it graces your wrist, it whispers tales of high society and decadence, ensuring you're not just noticed but revered. The "Soho Bracelet" doesn't adhere to trends; it's an investment in perpetual elegance, a testament to your undying devotion to living life at its grandest.

Sale price$45,390.00
Soho Bracelet
Soho Bracelet Sale price$45,390.00