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Sweep Me Off My Feet Ring


18ct Yellow Gold Cabochon Sapphire & Tiered Diamond Ring

Prepare to have the ground shift beneath you with the "Sweep Me Off My Feet Ring" - a hypnotic dance of opulence that takes no prisoners.

With an 18ct yellow gold bezel setting cradling a cabochon sapphire that ignites the night with its deep blue glow. Twin diamond tiered bands flank the sapphire like loyal sentinels, while four rows of channel set round diamonds – a glittering entourage weighing approximately 0.80 carats – frame the ensemble in an embrace that whispers luxury.

The band – a size P and a bold width of 12 mm that demands attention, a statement of intent that refuses to be ignored. And don't forget the weight – a solid 8.70 grams, a physical testament to the significance of this masterpiece.

But there's a tale behind the name, "Sweep Me Off My Feet Ring." It wasn't just chosen; it was destined. As our founder pondered its moniker, the stars aligned, and the song of the same name by the cosmic Perth band "Pond" graced the airwaves. Serendipity at its finest – because this ring? It's not just jewellery; it’s an embodiment of the extraordinary.

Brought from the United States, this piece isn't just a favourite; it's an obsession. And that cabochon sapphire? It's like a fathomless blue moon, a lustrous secret waiting to unfurl its magic under the right light.

Sale price$7,820.00
Sweep Me Off My Feet Ring
Sweep Me Off My Feet Ring Sale price$7,820.00