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Sweet Blue Ring


9ct Yellow Gold London Blue Topaz & Diamond Ring

Imagine slipping your finger into a size K1/2 -16mm dreamscape – a realm where resizing is a mere flicker of thought, shifting up or down by two sizes. This ring's weight, a tantalising 5.10 grams, is a testament to its solid presence on your finger, like a gentle caress from the cosmos itself.

And there it stands, at the heart of it all - a 10mm round cut London blue topaz, a dazzling gemstone of approximately 3.50 carats, cradled by a bezel setting that's a declaration of timeless sophistication. But wait, the stage is surrounded by stars – eight round brilliant-cut diamonds, twinkling in the firmament like celestial companions, elevating the topaz to a symphony of light.

But here's the kicker, the sweet twist to the tale – as our founder was naming the ring, the song "Sweet Blue" by Cleo Sol played in her ears, and in that moment, it was like the stars aligned and whispered the name into her soul.

So, dear seekers of the exquisite, if you're ready to step into a realm where gemstones and music merge into a harmonious dance, where london blue topaz and diamonds shimmer like stars in the night sky, then the "Sweet Blue Ring" is your ticket. Slip it on, let the music of the universe hum against your skin, and adorn yourself with a touch of radiant elegance that'll leave the world in awe.

Sale price$2,269.00