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The 4th Sign Pendant


14ct Yellow Gold & Freshwater Pearl Crab Pendant

In the swirling cosmic sea of adornments, emerges "The 4th Sign Pendant" - a 14ct Yellow Gold, Diamond & Freshwater Pearl Crab Pendant, named after the enigmatic astrological realm of Cancer.

Imagine a pearl that holds the essence of the moon's watery embrace, its organic form nestled within a claw setting, the very shell of the cosmic crustacean itself.  The claws, weave a dance of destiny and in the grasp of the right claw lies a diamond, a winking star trapped in the crab's cosmic grip, a reminder that the universe's secrets are as eternal as time.

For those attuned to the ebb and flow of existence, for the souls who find solace in the watery realms of emotion, "The 4th Sign Pendant" is your emblem. Whether you're a devoted Cancerian, navigating life's tides with uncanny intuition, or an individual captivated by the allure of these oceanic creatures, this pendant resonates.

Suspend it delicately from a fine chain, allowing it to grace your neck as a pendant of unparalleled elegance. Or perhaps, let it dangle provocatively as a singular earring pendant, defying convention and broadcasting your connection with the stars. Measuring 22 x 22mm and weighing 1.96g, it's a paradox of weightlessness and depth in physical form.

Sale price$1,380.00
The 4th Sign Pendant
The 4th Sign Pendant Sale price$1,380.00