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Two Hands Ring


18ct Yellow Gold Hug Ring

The "Two Hands Ring" – a solid 18ct yellow gold masterpiece that wraps your finger in an intimate embrace, like a long-lost lover's touch.

Two hands, delicately crafted, curve around your finger, creating a hug that transcends metal and design. It's a tangible expression of connection, a tactile ode to the power of touch.

But there's a tale here, a tribute to an Australian film that left its mark. "Two Hands," a 1990s masterpiece that starred the brilliant Heath Ledger and his love interest, Rose Byrne. A film that resonated with essence of human connection and the art of storytelling. Those two hands, a form that transcends time, symbolising unity, comfort, and strength. It’s a promise, a sentiment cast in gold, a reminder that in this chaotic world, there's a space for tenderness.

Weighing 3.82g, sized as a P and easily resized, it’s the perfect fit for its new journey. Slip it on your finger, and feel the presence of those two hands encircling you in a warm embrace.

Sale price$1,650.00
Two Hands Ring
Two Hands Ring Sale price$1,650.00