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Valentino Ring


14ct Gold Topaz & Garnet Ring

Behold the "Valentino Ring" – a creation that echoes the modernist spirit of the 90s while radiating contemporary steeze. This 14ct gold statement piece is a fusion of geometric artistry and iconic design.

Sized at P1/2 or 18mm and weighing 16.95g, the "Valentino Ring" is a bold statement that commands attention. In the heart of this marvel, a princess-cut square garnet of 0.25 ctw, beckons with a deep, blood-red hue. Beside it, a true titan takes centre stage – a large, pristine oval topaz at an astonishing 8.00 ctw. This gem, as clear and bright as a cloudless sky is juxtaposed in colour and size creating a dance between the vivid blue of the topaz and the intense crimson of the garnet. Like yin and yang, they unite in a visual symphony that demands attention.

Sale price$2,820.00