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Vicky Christina Ring


10ct Yellow Gold & Lapis Lazuli Italian Ring 

Get ready for a tale spun in gold and lapis lazuli – the "Vicky Christina Ring" has arrived, a symbol of elegance and emotion that sweeps you off your feet.

Inspired by a film that painted life with daring strokes, the "Vicky Christina Ring" is a masterpiece of Italian craftsmanship. At its core, a 14mm x 10mm oval cabochon-cut lapis lazuli takes the stage, held tenderly in a decorative hammered-style open shanked mount. Its size? Q1/2 - 18.5mm, adjustable to fit your heart's desire.

Weighting in at 4.76g, this ring doesn't tiptoe around; it's a bold symphony of artistry and light. The hammered gold, carefully sculpted, dances with shadows to create a texture that's all about that raw organic vibe. But the real star is cabochon lapis lazuli, speckled with flecks of gold that glimmer like stars in the night sky. It's a slice of cosmos on your hand.

Two ball-ended gold bars and a rounded rim play the supporting roles, framing the lapis with a touch of grace. But don't be mistaken; this is more than just a ring. It's a chapter in the epic of your life, a cosmic tale written in gold and gemstone.

So, my friends, embrace the "Vicky Christina Ring" – not merely as an ornament, but as a vessel of love, craftsmanship, and dreams. Let it grace your finger like a promise, a reminder that life's grand adventure is best lived with passion and style.

Sale price$2,650.00
Vicky Christina Ring
Vicky Christina Ring Sale price$2,650.00