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Zaha Diamond Ring


9ct Yellow Gold & Diamond Ring

Prepare for a sensory journey as you slip the "Zaha Diamond Ring"onto your finger. Like strokes of artistic rebellion, waves of gold intertwine organically, each adorned with carefully positioned diamonds that catch the light like stars in a midnight sky.

Weighing 3.27 grams and a size M 1/2, this ring possesses an air of enigmatic charm that beckons the gaze. Envision a daring muse who dons this ring with the nonchalant elegance of a fashion icon. She's a woman who transcends trends, choosing this ring as a silent declaration of her distinct style. The "Zaha Ring" is more than an accessory; it's a ticket to a world where fashion becomes poetry, and every gesture is a statement that echoes across time.

Sale price$1,760.00
Zaha Diamond Ring
Zaha Diamond Ring Sale price$1,760.00